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Kids in Birmingham 1963 is a place for those of us who grew up in Birmingham in the tumultuous early ‘60s to reminisce, reflect, and tell our own stories. Do you want to share your experience as a kid in 1963? Have you written a book, a poem, a memoir? Created a film or a piece of art? Click here to share your story on this web site. We will post new stories as they arrive.

Would you like to talk with a reporter or a historian about what life was like for you in the Year of Birmingham? Visit the Receive Inquiries from the Media page.

Please note: Kids in Birmingham 1963 is a not-for-profit project; no one will make money from your story.

How to Submit Your Story

It’s easy to submit a story to share on this site:

  1. Pick a topic. Focus on one thing you did or thought about as a kid in Birmingham in 1963. You can jump-start your story with one of the “starter” phrases to the right.
  2. Write what you saw. What was said? Who was with you? How did you feel when it happened? What do you think about that experience today? Tell about this single event in just a few paragraphs.
  3. Click here to submit your story. Type or “paste” your story in the empty box. You also can upload a Word document or PDF.

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