Mise En Place.. Have all of your content ready to publish. This includes:

  • Bio
  • Story
  • Author Photo
    • Crop Photos 500px  by 500px or higher

Add an Author

If this is a story by an entirely new author, you will need to add them to the site.

  • Top Left area click Posts
  • Click Categories as the sub-menu option
  • Add the Name
  • Skip Slug
  • Skip Parent Category
  • Paste their Bio in Description
  • Add their Photo

Add Author’s Story

  • Go to Posts in the Top Left of this window.
  • Add New
    • Add the Title
    • Paste the content in from your document and fix formatting
    • Below the area you posted the story there are extra fields for
      • Age
      • Introduction
      • Bibliography
    • Add the “More” tag below the first paragraph of the story to provide an excerpt version for the Homepage
  • Look Right and you’ll see a Document/Block column, select Document to view extra options like adding a Featured Image
  • Go to Categories in the Document column on the right and find the Author’s name and checkbox it
  • Preview the Post to make sure everything looks ok
  • Publish


1. Go back to Posts and click Categories. You will see a list of the Categories on the site, authors will have their long bio listed too. Find the author you just added to the site, and click on their name or click “Edit” under their name. You will see an area called “Description” and this is where you will add their bio information.

2. For the photo, add it in the “Category Icons” field below the “Description” section where the bio goes. It will ask you to upload a photo or choose one from the Media Library.